Wood Floor Repairs

Hardwood flooring is remarkably durable and long-lasting, but normal wear and tear can take its toll over time. Accidents happen, and even the most well-maintained hardwood floor can end up with scratches, dents, and gouges.

Damage to your hardwood flooring doesn’t necessarily mean that a full replacement is needed. In many cases, professional repair and restoration services can breathe new life into your old hardwood flooring. Before you invest in a costly replacement of your hardwood flooring, contact us to learn more about our hardwood repair and restoration services.

Wood Flooring Repair Contractors Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Services.

The easiest way to avoid having to repair your hardwood flooring is through routine maintenance. We offer buff and recoat services that will refresh your floor’s protective coating and prolong its lifespan. By buffing and recoating your floors before the coating becomes too worn, you can avoid more extensive damage and the need for more specialized repairs.

Convenient Dustless Sanding.

When your floor needs more than a simple buff and recoat, it may be necessary to sand and refinish your flooring. During the sanding process, your flooring will be gently sanded down to the raw wood. Sanding hardwood flooring can be an incredibly messy job, but our dustless sanding system makes the entire process clean and convenient. Careful sanding will help to remove certain types of damage, and will result in a smooth and level finish.

Repair and Restoration.

In some cases, more extensive repairs may be needed. Damage from water, termites, pet stains, or other sources typically requires special attention. We will carefully repair or replace boards that have become cracked or damaged. If renovations have left gaps in the hardwood where vents, walls, or other elements were removed, we can lace-in new boards that match your existing flooring for a seamless finished look.

The level of repair and restoration services needed will vary greatly depending on the condition of your flooring. We will carefully examine your current flooring before determining what types of repairs will be necessary to create a flawless finished look for your home.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing.

Once your flooring has been sanded and repaired, you can truly make it our own by choosing your stain and finish. There are many different options available, and our team can help you find the right stain and finish for your style and needs. We can also provide you with swatches so you can see what the color and finish will look like in your home.

Beyond choosing the color of your stain, you can also select what level of gloss you want for your finish. Your options range from a bold high-gloss to a subtle satin finish, and everything in between. We most typically use oil-based polyurethane finishes, but we do offer other options including water-based polyurethane, wax, tung oil, and more.

If you’re not sure what finish is right for your home, our team will be more than happy to help you find the perfect option.

Complimentary In-Home Consultations.

If you’re not sure what level of repair services your hardwood flooring requires, it’s time to consult an expert. Our team has extensive experience in repairing and restoring hardwood flooring. No two hardwood flooring projects are exactly alike, which is why we offer complimentary in-home consultations. One of our hardwood experts will come to your home and carefully inspect and assess your current flooring, and help you determine what repair solutions are needed.

Before you decide to replace your damaged hardwood flooring, contact the experts at Brenner Floor! In some cases, all that is needed is some professional care to restore your hardwood flooring to its original condition.

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