Buffing and recoating a floor might sound scary, but it’s a surprisingly simple job. Modern flooring installers understand the ins and outs of quick, concise treatment. Plus, their treatments have come a long way.

Brenner Floors is no different, and we love helping our clients handle their solid hardwood flooring, polyurethane coats and laminate flooring installations. Before you give us a call, though, you should know the telltale signs of a floor in need of service. Let’s check them out. 

Sign One: Your Floor Looks a Little Exposed

Over time, high-traffic areas result in worn-out polyurethane coats. If the protective layer wears away too much, the wooden flooring beneath it might be exposed. This happens whenever an area encounters a lot of foot traffic, and it’s identifiable by rough-looking, smudged wooden surfaces.

Sign Two: Your Floor is Holding Water Damage

Some polyurethane-coated floors exist near doorways, garages and windows. Even if your home is secure, moisture can start damaging your floor. If your polyurethane isn’t in tip-top condition, you might start seeing signs of mold, mildew or even soggy wood. If this is the case, it’s time for a buff and recoat.

Sign Three: Stains Have Become a Problem

Whether you’re having some house work completed or seek a full-room renovation, you should watch out for paint damage. Specifically, you should take note of any polyurethane flooring which can’t seem to shake the color. Polyurethane surfaces are made to deflect harsh chemicals and stains. If yours is worn down, it might be holding its stains. If it is, call an expert immediately.

Sign Four: Your Floor is Peeling

Blisters and peeling surfaces are also indicators of a polyurethane coating in need of assistance. While tile flooring and hardwood flooring don’t suffer from bubbly, peeling material, polyurethane-coated floors do. If you’re seeing such bubbly material—don’t worry. The maintenance process is straightforward.


Contacting a Professional

Brenner Floors is the go-to buff and recoat provider for the Twin Cities area. Our simple, convenient process is both cost-efficient and noninvasive. Let our crew refresh any existing polyurethane coats. We’ll apply a top coat, assuring your floor is totally covered.

We’ll also buff it. During this process, we’ll handle the polyurethane level. We won’t sand the actual wood—unless, that is, it needs to be repaired. If your floors are in need, give us a call at 763-595-9151. Or, schedule an estimate to get the project started. Here at Brenner Floors, your home is our priority.