Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful of floors, bringing a natural warmth and sense of luxury to a home. With the super-durable finishes available today, caring for the modern hardwood floor is quite easy for the busy homeowner.

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Hardwood flooring benefits from regular maintenance just like other flooring materials. You can sweep hardwood flooring with a broom or use a dust mop to gather up lint, hair and other debris that form those ‘dust bunnies’ you see occasionally. For a deeper clean, use a floor maintenance product designed specifically for hardwood flooring that will enhance your floor's beauty. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions when using a hardwood flooring cleaner.

A Vacuum Cleaner Is Good

Vacuuming your hardwood floors removes the fine particles of dust and dirt a broom or dust mop can leave behind. Regular vacuuming removes any pet dander, hair, or debris and can help create a more allergy-free home for your family.

Don’t Use Steam!

Don't use a steam cleaner for hardwood flooring maintenance. The hot water vapor can cause the wood fibers to swell and can damage the floor.

Avoiding Scratches

You can avoid scratches on your hardwood flooring by not wearing high heels or any sports shoes with cleats on the bottom. Placing rugs at exterior entrances can trap large particles of dirt and sand that can dull the finish on hardwood flooring.

Place rubber casters or felt pads under the feet of furniture for protection. Don’t try to move furniture by sliding or dragging it across the floor. Always pick up the piece if it is small and use furniture gliders if the furniture is large.

Brenner Floors Can Help!

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