One of the most dramatic ways to change up the look of your home is to upgrade the hardwood floors. Many homeowners don’t realize how many options are available and how much their home can change by simply refinishing the existing hardwood.


At Brenner Floors in Golden Valley, we work with homeowners throughout the Twin Cities area to turn their old hardwood floors into beautifully refinished ones. We love educating homeowners on the available options and helping them choose a look that adds to the beauty of their home. Check out these great ideas for refinishing your hardwood floors and then give us a call to get your free estimate on a dust-free sanding and stain today.

1.   Dark Neutral Floors

Dark floors are across the board the hottest flooring design trend right now. Dark floors create a bold backdrop for a home and add instant elegance to a home. Dark neutrals like charcoal, dark gray, and even deeper silver-toned wood stains help colors to stand out, making them a beautiful choice for contrasting bright furnishings and art.

2.   Bright, Warm Tones

There once was a time when hues of golden honey were the most common hardwood flooring material choice, but over time, this has become less common. Lighter wood, especially light neutrals, is coming back into style in a big way and looks especially good with a farmhouse minimalist look.

3.   Textured Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking for a way to add interest to your home, consider a lighter stain that demonstrates the natural flaws and textures in your hardwood. Allowing these natural features to shine through a high-gloss stain gives a sense of texture and completion to your living space.

Call Our Minneapolis Dust-Free Sanding Pros

Are you thinking of bringing new life into your hardwood floors with a new stain? Our hardwood flooring refinishers at Brenner Floors in Golden Valley can help you choose a look that works well for your home. We use a dustless sanding method to remove the top layer of your existing hardwood without having to close off your home, which makes the clean-up more convenient as well. Choose from several levels of gloss including high gloss, low gloss, or the natural, understated look of matte hardwood flooring.


To get ideas for your home, visit our online gallery and then message us to get a free consultation. Or to get started on your new hardwood flooring stain, contact us online or call us at 763-595-9151.