Mid-century homes are some of the most beloved and coveted homes for young homeowners today for many reasons. Hearkening back to the era of Mad Men and encompassing a wide range of home design looks, mid-century homes are a reminder that “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.”


From the sleek minimalism of mid-century modern homes, pop art designs, and Eames chairs to the quirky look of later mid-century homes, the term can apply broadly. Generally, mid-century refers to a home or design created between the end of World War II and the early 1970s.


During the end of the 20th century, many of the details that give mid-century homes their charm were covered up or renovated, and hardwood floors were a common casualty. If you’re thinking of bringing your mid-century floors back to their original beauty, our Brenner Floors hardwood flooring refinishers can help.

The Appeal of Mid-Century Homes and Hardwood

When you think about mid-century homes, there’s a good chance you’re thinking of iconic design elements like tile bathrooms, linoleum kitchens, and hardwood floors. Mid-century homes were designed to be produced quickly and affordably for middle-class families, and part of the focus was on getting the best look for the best price.


Highly versatile and sleek, wood details from wood-paneled walls to hardwood floors were a common feature in many mid-century homes built before the mid-fifties. Hardwood was so common in these homes because it is so versatile in design and was at the time extremely affordable to both install and maintain. When styles began to change, homeowners began covering up the original hardwood flooring with wall-to-wall carpet. The application process was often done with the liberal application of staples and carpet adhesive, damaging the once-beautiful hardwood flooring the carpet now covered.


If you’ve got carpet in a midcentury home, follow these steps to restore the original hardwood:

1.   Inspect the Original Floors

Before you do anything with the original hardwood in your home, you need to determine the condition of the flooring. You can get an idea of the condition of your hardwood by pulling up the carpet in some areas to take a look at what’s below. This gives your flooring refinishers an idea of what they’re working with.

2.   Decide on a Hardwood Look

Next, decide what style of hardwood design would best suit your home. Bright, golden honey-toned hardwood floors were one of the more common looks for mid-century homes, but you’re not limited to that. Today’s homeowners are blending modern design elements into original mid-century homes in a way that adds to the original beauty of the home.

3.   Determine if Your Floor Needs to Be Refinished or Replaced

Professional flooring installers can help you decide if your floors are salvageable or not. If your floor is in poor condition or you want to start fresh with a completely new design, a professional hardwood flooring installation team can remove the old floor and create a new one.

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If you’re in love with your mid-century home and ready to restore its floor to match the beauty of the rest of your home’s mid-century details, Brenner Floors can help. Our experienced hardwood flooring refinishers can make the necessary repairs and create a beautiful hardwood floor that emulates or fits with the original look of your home.


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