With all of the time we’re spending at home these days, it’s a good time to start thinking about taking on some home improvement projects to make your space more inviting. At Brenner Floors in Golden Valley, we’re working diligently to protect our community as well as our customers by using free virtual consultations, safe installation, and more.


If you’re thinking about replacing your flooring, one of our most versatile solutions for any room or architectural style is vinyl flooring installation. Although vinyl floor options were once fairly limited, today’s vinyl flooring solutions offer a nearly limitless range of possibilities in design and application. Our vinyl floor contractors can work with you online to help you choose the best solution for your home. To inspire you some of the most popular vinyl looks right now, we’ve put together this guide to the hottest vinyl trends this summer.

1.   Highly Textured Vinyl Floor Designs

If your idea of vinyl floors dates back to the faux wood or stone industrial look that seemed to be everywhere a few decades ago, you may be surprised to learn that vinyl has been redefined to include some pretty dazzling looks.


Unlike the watered-down copies of yesterday, today’s vinyl uses innovations in optics to perfectly mimic a wide array of textures and materials. Get the eclectic beauty of distressed, wire brushed, or hand-scraped hardwood floors at a more affordable price point. Textured flooring is a fast way to add character to even the most minimalist home design.

2.   Classic Stone Designs

If something more subdued feels right for your home, stone designs and traditional hardwood looks are still going stronger than ever right now. New home buyers love the versatility of these classic designs paired with the attention to detail of modern vinyl tiles.

3.   Unique Flooring Layouts

With the many innovations in vinyl flooring, the industry has seen a return to the look of craftsmanship that was more common in Victorian homes and hearkens back to a time when detail was prized. Vinyl plank, vinyl tile, and vinyl sheeting can be used to create unexpected patterns in your floor from herringbone designs to geometric layouts that frame the space in a room.

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