Flooring is one of those home elements that can either completely define an elegant space or create an outdated and unattractive feel. You can update the paint in a home and replace all of the furniture, but if your floors are dingy, cracked, or stained, it can completely detract from the space. If you’ve been putting off flooring replacement, now is a great time to check it off your list of household maintenance. Updating the floors in your home will instantly elevate your space while at the same time adding to your home’s market value.


At Brenner Floors in Minneapolis, our flooring replacement pros love working with Twin Cities homeowners to help match them with the right floor for their home’s look and style. To help you choose the best new floors for your home, here are some of the top flooring trends to love right now. 


Check out these trending flooring replacement ideas:

1.   Dark Neutral Hardwood Floor Stains

Homeowners are finally catching onto a design principle interior designers have been hip to for ages: Brilliant colors look absolutely stunning when juxtaposed against a dark charcoal or black floor. Hardwood with a dark stain creates a beautiful backdrop for jewel-toned furnishings.

2.   Nordic Minimalist Hardwood

On the other side of the color spectrum, there’s just something inviting about the appeal of whitewashed hardwood floor stains. Unlike traditional hardwood stains with a warm reddish or yellowish tone, the muted subtlety of whites, creams, and light grays won’t overwhelm your interior.

3.   Maxed-Out Tiles

Extra-large tiles are having their day this year. Large format tiles cover more ground than their smaller traditional counterparts, creating a more mature and elegant look within a bathroom or kitchen.

4.   Black and White Contrasting Tiles

There’s just something enchanting about the look of black juxtaposed against white, especially when it comes to stone flooring and tile flooring. From the art deco look of chessboard tiles to black details on white tiles, the contrast of black against white is a great way to add interesting geometry to your space. These look especially stunning in dreamy guest baths and entryways.

5.   Luxurious Carpet

After a couple of decades on the sidelines, carpet installation is making a comeback of epic proportions. Designers and homeowners are leaning into its lux reputation by embracing decadent plush fibers, unique textile pattern designs, and brilliant jewel tones.

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