A hardwood floor installation can make any room look stunning, but will this type of flooring work well in a kitchen? Kitchens are typically high traffic areas subject to water splashes and dropped food, as well as greasy cooking oil spills. Can hardwood flooring take this kind of abuse?


Can Hardwood Flooring Work In My Kitchen?


If you love the look of hardwood flooring and want it in your kitchen, talk to the professional floor installers at Brenner Floors in the Twin Cities area for recommendations. Their flooring experts advise that the best type of hardwood flooring for a kitchen is the solid, unfinished planks and not prefinished wood. The reason is you can’t refinish flooring planks made of wood veneer over a plywood base.


What if the refrigerator leaks or you drop a heavy pan or dish that puts a dent in the wood? If damage to the kitchen floor occurs in the future, refinishing the solid wood planks restores the flooring back to its original condition. Refinished wood looks just as beautiful as brand new flooring.


Another reason to use solid plank flooring in a kitchen is in case of water leakage from the dishwasher or a sink. When hardwood flooring gets wet, the individual planks can warp. With solid hardwood planks, they can be sanded down to eliminate the warping. You can’t do this with a prefinished floor made of veneer.


A Seamless Surface Is Important


When Brenner floor installers put down wood flooring, they sand the planks with a dustless sanding process, then stain and finish the floor with a protective coating. If you don’t want your floor stained, but want to retain the natural color, the floor installers will apply the protective finish right after the dustless sanding process.


The main difference between a prefinished hardwood floor and one that’s finished on site is that the gaps between the individual planks of the finished on site floor are filled in to create a seamless surface. The seamless floor offers more protection against water and other liquid spills that regularly occur in kitchens, making hardwood flooring in a kitchen a lot easier to keep clean.


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