Older homeowners may remember a time when wall-to-wall carpet was the hottest flooring trend for slick urban homes. Carpet may no longer be the leader in flooring trends, but it’s still a beloved flooring solution by homeowners and designers alike. And carpet has come a long way over the years in terms of innovation and style. Today’s carpet is stunning and made using the latest technology to bring performance and comfort to busy homes.


At Brenner Floors in Minneapolis, we love helping homeowners bring warmth and style into their lives with elegant carpet for every space. If you’re thinking of upgrading your floors with beautiful new carpet, check out these fantastic carpet looks available for today’s homeowners.

The Beauty of Quality Carpet Flooring

It should come as no surprise that solid hardwood flooring has dominated the design world as many designers’ top pick for the past couple of decades. And there are plenty of reasons to love hardwood flooring, not the least of which are its simple richness and ease of maintenance.


But today’s designers are rediscovering their love of carpet with its natural plushness and added comfort. When you imagine a floor with livability, there’s no substitute for carpet flooring. There’s no other floor that’s nearly as comfortable for walking in bare feet, and for little ones learning to walk or playing on the floor, it’s absolutely perfect. Today’s carpet is also far more water-resistant and stain-resistant than the carpet of decades gone by, which means easier maintenance and greater durability.


Here are some of the top carpet trends this year:

1.   Patterned Designs

Contrasting patterns and colors are the hottest carpet trend this year. Shorter carpet is available in a wide range of designs and colors. These look absolutely stunning when juxtaposed against a bold wallpaper design on an accent wall.

2.   Down-to-Earth

If minimalism is more your cup of tea, this is a good year for natural colors. Elevate your space with simple, warm tones like jute and vanilla as the ideal backdrop for simple Nordic furniture designs.

3.   Extra Plush

There’s nothing quite like thick, plush carpet fibers underneath bare feet. Plush carpet feels fantastic and looks even better. Infuse your space with the luxury of a five-star hotel room with deliciously velvety plush carpet.

4.   Jewel Tones

Brilliant gemstones are the inspiration for one of this season’s hottest design trends, and what works well for home furnishings in this case translates brilliantly to carpet. Think of deep, vibrant shades like emerald, amber, ruby, garnet, gold, and sapphire as the neutral redefined. 

Call for Minneapolis Carpet Flooring Installation You’ll Love

If your idea of carpet is limited to the carpet flooring of yesterday, our flooring specialists at Brenner Floors in Minneapolis would like to show you how far today’s carpet has come. Choose from a wide range of carpet solutions including wool, nylon, polyester, and triexta.


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