One of the most stunning and timeless flooring solutions is also one of the oldest. Since antiquity, stone flooring including marble has been the hallmark of elegance in its stunning simplicity. As simple to clean as it is durable, marble floors add a gentle minimalism to any space.


At Brenner Floors in Minneapolis, our stone flooring experts can help restore your marble floors to their original beauty. We can also help you install a custom marble floor in your home. In this blog post, we’ll talk about why marble floors are still some of the most beautiful floors in the world.

The Elegance of Natural Marble

The decision to install marble floors comes down to personal taste. In a world where manufactured flooring options have become the standard, marble floors represent a return to tradition. Its reputation is one of class and taste.


Derived primarily from natural limestone, marble is a stone material that has been used to sculpt timeless art since antiquity and graced the floors of palaces around the globe. The stone of natural marble recrystallizes to form a bright, natural gleam that exudes decadence. It’s no wonder the original etymology of the word “marble” comes from the ancient Greek and means “crystalline rock” or “shining stone.”

Marble Flooring Looks

If you think marble flooring is only available in a limited range of style solutions, you may be surprised to learn what’s available. There is a look suitable for the decor and architectural style of any home.


Your floors can be installed in different levels of finish from the high sheen of a bright gloss to something more subdued. There are also many different colors and veins available for your marble depending on the look you want to bring to your space.

Maintaining Your Marble Floors

Marble flooring is one of the easier flooring options when it comes to maintenance. Keeping it looking great is a simple matter of regular cleaning. Over time, your floors may begin to lose their shine. Bringing your marble flooring back to its original gleam is simply a matter of calling our flooring refinishers.


Follow these tips for great-looking marble floors:

●        Wipe with a clean, soft fabric

●        Remove spills immediately

●        Sweep regularly

Restore Your Minneapolis Stone Flooring

If your marble floors need some attention, our team at Brenner Floors in Minneapolis can help you restore them to their original shine. We also offer stone flooring installation if you’re thinking of installing brand new marble floors.


Stop by our online gallery to check out examples of our flooring replacement and restoration projects. To discuss your flooring needs, contact us online or give us a call at 763-595-9151 for your free estimate.