When it comes to installing beautiful flooring in your home, hardwood is one of the most popular options available for a reason. Durable and strong, it lends a warm elegance to almost any style of home from contemporary to traditional decor. It’s also easy to maintain, which means it will look as stunning years down the road as it does today with regular attention.


If you love your hardwood floors, our experienced refinishers at Brenner Floors can help you keep your hardwood looking great with a professional buff and recoat. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some signs your floor could benefit from this process. Read on to learn more and then give us a call.


Getting Back Your Floor’s Shine

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of newly installed hardwood. The fresh layer of polyurethane that protects your hardwood gives it a lustrous appearance that makes any room look better. Eventually over time, however, that sheen will begin to wear down as the layer of polyurethane experiences the normal wear and tear of daily living. Once that happens, your floor will go from appearing glossy and bright to flat and dull. If your well-loved hardwood floor has begun to look less attractive, it may be time for a buff and recoat.


There are several key advantages of hardwood floor buffing:


●        Added protection against wear and tear

●        Stronger durability

●        Restored shine

●        Scratch and damage repair


Renew Your Hardwood Flooring

Even if you take your shoes off in the house, you can’t protect your hardwood from daily living. Home is where you live your life, which is why eventually, you’ll end up with scuffs and minor damage.


The buffing stage of the process can help repair some of that minor damage in your hardwood floor’s top layer. After buffing so a new layer of polyurethane can bond well to your floor, we’ll leave your floor with a shiny protective layer. Choose the level of shine you want from high gloss to satin finish.


Call Our Minneapolis Hardwood Floor Buffing Pros

If your hardwood floors have lost their shine over time, that means they’ve lost their layer of protection leaving your floor exposed to possible damage. At Brenner Floors, our hardwood floor refinishers can help you get back that layer of protection and restore your floor’s original gleam.


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