Having kids completely changes our lives. From the moment you bring the new baby home, you’re constantly assessing the safety of your home, adding safety features to cabinets and utilities, putting up baby gates, and more. Once your child starts to walk, tumbles and falls are on your mind. And once the danger of sweet baby heads getting bumped eases up, your home is affected in new ways, with kids tracking in mud and bringing home friends and new pets.


At Brenner Floors in Minneapolis, we understand that your floors need to fit your family’s lifestyle from safety and comfort to the simplicity level of cleaning them. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post to share our favorite flooring solutions for busy families.


Does a Family Mean Sacrificing Beautiful Floors?

When you’re in the process of renovating floors with children in the equation, it can seem like you’re faced with an impossible choice. After all, kids are rough on everything they touch. They’re in the business of play and learning, which means your furniture and floors will see every manner of chaos over the years from paint spills to skateboards.


Some parents accept the status quo and resign themselves to living with old floors until their children are older, but that’s a huge sacrifice to make. What they don’t realize is that modern flooring has come a long way from the floors of their own childhood that were easily stained or damaged beyond repair. At Brenner Floors, we offer several flooring solutions that combine comfort with durability for a beautiful floor you’ll be proud to show off in family pics or on social media.


Here are a few of the top concerns for families when installing flooring:


●        Resistance to slips

●        Resistance to stains

●        Resistance to spills and moisture infiltration

●        Comfort

●        Safety when falling

●        Environmental friendliness


Top Floors for Safe Families

When choosing a flooring solution for your home, it’s important to decide what your priorities are. If you’re concerned about safety with a young child just learning to walk, carpet can be a safe bet. Modern carpet innovations mean today’s carpet is much more resistant to spills and wear than the old shag carpet our parents grew up with.


Engineered wood and luxury vinyl flooring are also two fairly durable flooring solutions that look beautiful through many years of childhood adventures. These work well for high-traffic areas such as a dining room, kitchen, or living room space.


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If you’re tired of looking at the same old worn-out tile, hardwood, or carpet but you’re concerned your kids will give a new floor a run for its money, we’ve got solutions for you.


The hardwood floor refinishers at Brenner Floors in Minneapolis offer a wide range of other flooring solutions designed to keep up with busy families. From luxury vinyl floors to new carpet installation, we’ll work with you to help you choose an option that fits your goals and budget. Connect with a member of our team by calling 763-595-9151, or you can contact us online to discuss your goals and get a free estimate on your family’s beautiful new floors.