Brenner Floors is your go-to resource for refreshing and fulfilling sanding jobs. If your area’s solid hardwood flooring needs to be sanded, going “dust-free” is a good choice.


We’ve been in the business for years, redefining homes and businesses alike with economic, environmental solutions. We believe your hardwood surfaces can recapture your area’s initial beauty—and we want to tell you why dust-free sanding is the best sanding option around.


Reason One: No Debris

Sanding is a vital element of the refinishing process. By removing signs of wear-and-tear, a solid sanding job can make your area look decades younger. It’ll also create smooth, even surfaces. Brenner Floors offers dust-free sanding options for a slew of surfaces, including:


●        Stone flooring

●        Tile flooring

●        Hardwood flooring


In most cases, however, a sanding job leaves wood powder, flakes and chunks strewn about the area. Dust and debris are hard to clean up. They can also mess up your floor’s finish. Fortunately, the Brenner Floors sanding process removes dust completely—protecting your area’s best aspects.


Reason Two: Better Air Quality

While traditional sanding processes kick up dust into the air, dust-free sanding protects your area’s air quality. It also eliminates the need for extensive cleaning jobs. Brenner Floors uses an intuitive system, state-of-the-art machinery, and technician 'know-how' to pull dust from your home immediately—channeling it into a containment unit.


Reason Three: No Need to Leave

If you’re getting a dust-free sanding job done, you won’t need to leave your home. Getting your hardwood floor sanded and finished, normally, is a long and drawn-out process. Brenner Floors feels our quick, clean sanding process gives power back to homeowners. Because the sanding process is clean, quick and reliable, there’s never a need for homeowners to vacate the premises.


Reason Four: A Professional Look

Our team knows what works. Each Brenner Floors worker is outfitted with state-of-the-art sanding and cleanup equipment. They create professionally finished floors without sacrificing beauty. At every step of the sanding process, our dust-free methodology serves to make an area’s surfaces look better than before.


If you need your floors sanded, contact Brenner Floors today at 763-595-9151. We’re here to help, and we guarantee one of the most environmentally friendly, effective sanding jobs around.