Choosing new carpet for your home can be an exciting way to completely change the look of your home’s interior. There’s nothing quite like bold new flooring to create an inviting upgrade in a modern home. But deciding which color to install in your home can be a tough decision. That’s why many homeowners and interior design experts are turning to the color design professionals at Pantone for advice when choosing new design elements for their interior.


At Brenner Floors in Minneapolis, we love helping Twin Cities homeowners create stunning new looks for their families to enjoy. In this post, we’ll share some of the top Pantone color ideas for this summer and spring and talk about how you can use them for your carpet.


1.      Indulge in the Cravings Palette

Turn to your kitchen cabinet for some of the most decadent kitchen inspiration this season. Pantone’s Cravings palette is inspired by food. It’s rich in deep, warm colors that look fantastic as carpet options. These food-inspired hues are huge right now and inspire a cozy, homey vibe.


Consider the richness of Butterum, a deep, warm tan shade. Or embrace a bold red shade inspired by Chili Pepper or Cayenne. If you’ve got a color in mind, we can help you find the perfect carpet to match.


2.      Embrace Elegance with the Classico Palette

If your aesthetic is a little more understated, take your color inspiration from the timeless Classico palette. Classico is inspired by simplicity, creating a calming energy in your home.


Delightfully preppy style suggestions like deep teal and caviar create a rich, dark backdrop for your living space that creates a clean canvas for your furniture. Or turn to shades like Apricot Brandy and Camel for a more innovative neutral carpet hue.


3.      Go Global with the Meanderings Palette

If your tastes lean toward Urban Outfitters and Pier One Imports, you’ve got a global aesthetic. The world-inspired interior design tend has never been hotter.


For a more bohemian home vibe, consider confronting bold, vibrant global-inspired color in your living space with carpet options inspired by the Meanderings palette. Brilliant jewel tones like Blueprint, Cabernet, and Island Green create a stunning look that fits well with modern eclectic decor styles.


Minneapolis Carpet Flooring Installation

Beautiful new carpet is a lasting way to change up the look in your home. Whether your family prefers a more subdued style or your aesthetic is bold and playful, we’ve got plenty of stunning carpet designs to choose from.


With different types of carpet pile and material, we can help you choose the best carpet for each home’s traffic frequency and room type. When you’re ready to choose your new carpet design, contact us online, or call us at 763-595-9151 for your free estimate.