Hardwood flooring has long been a classic staple in modern homes for its elegance and versatility. Available in a wide range of colors, stains, and woods from mahogany to maple, walnut, and even bamboo, it looks as beautiful in a contemporary home as it does in a Victorian parquet floor. If you’ve got hardwood in your home, congratulations. Maintaining your hardwood is simple, and it doesn’t take much to get it looking great again if damage does occur.


At Brenner Floors serving the Twin Cities, we can get your hardwood floor looking great again when damage does occur. Here are some of the most common types of hardwood damage and how we work to freshen up your floors when they occur.


1.      Lifting and Buckling

When hardwood gets wet, it can lift up and away from the subfloor. It can also expand, buckle, and even split. This commonly occurs in areas that are near water infiltration or moisture such as a basement, kitchen, or bathroom. In many cases, these boards need to be removed and replaced.


2.      Gaps Between Floorboards

As a natural and porous product, wood can expand and contract over time with humidity and moisture. Depending on the installation of the original floor, this can end up creating gaps in some spots between planks.


Gaps can be unattractive, but they can also end up being a tripping hazard. Fortunately, they’re easy to repair by removing the older floorboards and replacing them.


3.      Scratches and Dullness

This is especially common in homes with a lot of traffic. If you’ve got pets, their untrimmed claws can dull or scratch the hardwood, especially if the floor’s finish is not especially protective to begin with. A busy family with children running around and playing can also contribute to dullness.


But the truth is that every floor will lose its luster over time. We can give your floor back its shine with a buff and recoat, or if its problems are more significant, it may require dust-free sanding.



Minneapolis Hardwood Floor Installation Services

Hardwood is one of the most durable options for your home, but it’s not invincible. If you’ve got stunning hardwood in your home, you know how important it is to keep it looking great.


Whether you’ve got damage from moisture infiltration or pets, our team at Brenner Floors can get it looking its best once more. We offer dust-free sanding, buff and recoats, flooring repairs, and solid hardwood flooring installation. To check out our carpet selection, contact us online, or call us at 763-595-9151 to get your free estimate.