Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful and enduring flooring options for homeowners today. Hardwood floors have been popular nearly four hundred years since they first came into vogue during the Baroque period. Since the beginning of hardwood floors, they’ve embodied style, elegance, refinement, and craftsmanship.


Hardwood’s continued versatility and timeless style are just two of the reasons our team at Brenner Floors in Minneapolis loves what we do as a Twin Cities hardwood flooring installer. But despite its popularity, plenty of hardwood floor myths persist. In this post, we’ll cover the most common myths and debunk them.


1.      Hardwood floors are bad for the environment.

One of the most common hardwood flooring myths is that hardwood floors contribute to deforestation. With increased public awareness about environmental concerns and protecting the global ecosystem, this is a legitimate concern. In fact, most modern hardwood floor manufacturers use responsible wood sourcing.


This means they contribute to the regrowth in forests where trees are cut. Regrowth is a necessary part of forest health. Additionally, hardwood floors last for decades and even centuries if well maintained, making them a more eco-friendly option.


2.      They require a lot of maintenance.

Some homeowners are reluctant to choose hardwood flooring installation because they’re concerned about maintenance. They may be worried about having to constantly refinish the floors or concerned that the cost of maintenance could be prohibitive.


Actually, you may be surprised to learn that hardwood floor maintenance is relatively simple. In fact, regularly sweeping your hardwood floor to remove debris and then mopping using a gentle cleaner every week is all you need. When your floor begins to lose its luster, you may also opt for a buff and recoat to restore its appearance.


3.      Vinegar is the best cleaner for hardwood floors.

A common misconception is that vinegar is the best option for cleaning and shining your hardwood flooring. People tend to think because something is natural that it’s the best option.


But vinegar can be harsh on your hardwood floor and even damage it. That’s because vinegar is acidic. Instead of vinegar, choose a gentle cleaner that’s meant for the type of hardwood flooring in your home for best results.


4.      Hardwood isn’t durable for a busy home.

Some homeowners with a busy family or pets worry that hardwood isn’t the best option. In fact, hardwood flooring is available in many types of wood, and some are more durable than others. If you know your home will be open to a lot of traffic, you can also get the look of hardwood with added durability by installing engineered wood or laminate.


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Whether you own a beautiful Craftsman home or a contemporary home, hardwood flooring can complement the look of any architectural style. If it’s well-maintained, your hardwood flooring will look fantastic for many years to come.


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