If your home has solid hardwood flooring, you know it can be beautiful and durable, creating a classic look that goes with any decor. But if you’ve never owned hardwood before, you may be wondering the best way to go about keeping it looking great for many years to come. Hardwood is a durable material, but it requires a special touch to keep it looking great.


Our hardwood floor refinishing experts at Brenner Floors have extensive expertise in the care and maintenance of hardwood floors. We’ve put together this helpful guide to give you the best advice on keeping your hardwood floor attractive and in great condition year after year.


1.      Clean the Floor the Right Way

Clean your floors regularly, but make sure you use the right tools for the job when you do it. Using oil products on your hardwood floors can leave a slippery residue on your floors that make them dangerous to walk on. Wax and furniture spray are also bad moves. Steer clear of homespun remedies like vinegar, which can cause additional problems. Ammonia and alkaline cleaners can also damage your floors. Instead, use a pH-neutral cleaner or plain old soap and water.


2.      Clean Hardwood Floors Regularly

Sweep your hardwood floor daily in high-traffic areas of your home. You will also want to mop your hardwood at least once a week, especially in busy areas of your home. If it’s a less trafficked area, you only have to worry about mopping every month or so. Use a damp mop so as not to cause water damage to the floor. Take care that there is no water left on your floor when you’re done.


3.      Buff and Recoat When Needed

When your hardwood starts to lose its shine, be sure to get a buff and recoat. Our expert hardwood flooring maintenance professionals are here to restore your floor to its original appearance. We can freshen up scuffed floors and give them a shine. We can even add additional polish to give it a little extra shine.


Minneapolis Hardwood Floor Buffing Services

Whether you’re in need of hardwood floor buffing services or your floor needs refinishing, we can help. Our hardwood floor pros can give you a free estimate and let you know what it will take to get your hardwood looking great again. We can also refinish your hardwood with dustless floor sanding  To learn more about hardwood maintenance, contact us online, or call us at 763-595-9151 to learn more about how we can help.