A hardwood floor can create a beautiful environment in your home. It provides a warm, traditional aesthetic that is both strong and durable. One of the key advantages of hardwood is its ease of maintenance. With proper care, your beautiful hardwood floor can maintain its classic look for many years to come.


At Brenner Floors in Minneapolis, we offer professional hardwood buff and recoat services to keep your floors great. This helpful guide will help you determine if it’s time for you to buff and recoat your hardwood floors.


A buff and recoat has several advantages:

●        Increased shine

●        Longer protection against damage

●        Increased durability


When Hardwood Loses its Shine

When hardwood flooring is first installed, a layer of polyurethane over the top gives it an attractive sheen which also functions to protect the wood beneath. When a hardwood floor is new, it will have a lustrous sheen. However, over time, that layer of polyurethane will wear down. Eventually, hardwood floors can become dull, flat, and unattractive. If your hardwood floor has lost its shine, you are in need of hardwood maintenance.


Repair Scratches and Scuffs

In a busy home with a lot of foot traffic, hardwood can undergo a great deal of use. All of this traffic can eventually lead to minor wear and tear. If your hardwood has taken on a few scuffs, a buff and recoat can get your floor looking fabulous again.


A buff and recoat can also buff out any minor scratches and dings in the top layer of your flooring. It can also protect your floor longer before you eventually need to sand and repolish. This also increases the durability and lifespan of your hardwood.


The Buff and Recoat Process

When you schedule a buff and recoat for your hardwood flooring, our crew will arrive and buff the top layer of the hardwood. This gentle process buffs your floor gently, buffing only enough so that the new layer of polyurethane can easily bond to your floor. When we are finished, your floor will look shiny and new once more. We can even make your floor’s surface a little glossier or add a satin finish.


Minneapolis Hardwood Floor Buffing Services

If your hardwood floor is starting to lose its gleam, it may be time for a buff and recoat. Our hardwood floor buffing experts can help you get your floor looking its best again. We take pride in helping you keep your floor protected and beautiful for many years to come. To schedule your buff and recoat, contact us online, or call us at 763-595-9151 for more information.